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MCL Upgrade Pricing

>P.S. Does anyone know if there's a student price for the 2.0 upgrade, and if
>not who I should gripe to?   Free upgrades to Site Licencees but $250 for
>poor students seems a bit out of line...
IUm the product marketing manager for Macintosh Common Lisp, so if you want to
gripe to someone about pricing, I guess you should direct your gripes to me
We do not have a student price for any of our development tools products;
thanks for the suggestion.  We do offer site licenses at special prices for
educational institutions--if your school wants more than five copies of
Macintosh Common Lisp a site license may save you money.
Please note that customers who order the Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0B1 Upgrade
will be getting two big packages for their $250, the 2.0B1 software with two
manuals, and the final 2.0 software with final versions of those manuals (when
they are ready).
When we sell the final version of Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0 we will no longer
have to send two big packages to customers who are upgrading from versions
1.3.2 and earlier, so I am optimistic that weUll be able to lower the upgrade
price at that time.  (Of course, that upgrade will be sent to all 2.0B1 and
2.0B1 Upgrade customers at no additional charge).
Apple provides site licensees with one or two copies of each package and they
duplicate their own disks and documentation (or pay APDA separately for
additional copies of the documentation).
--Harvey Alcabes
  Lisp Product Marketing Manager