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Why do *sequence-dialog-item*'s blink when changing them?

   From: Luke Hohmann <hohmann@csmil.umich.edu>

   Thanks for the tip regarding modification of a sequence dialog,
   but I already tried changing the variable ccl::table-sequence-iv
   directly and then calling draw-cell-contents on the new cells,
   but no luck.

I believe the suggestion was that you modify the sequence, not that
you put a new sequence in the instance variable.  You definitely
should *not* be changing the instance variable directly (i.e.
bypassing the defined accessr).

If you want to change items in the sequence, then modifying the
sequence will work.  However, it probably won't work if you want
to grow or shrink the sequence.

The other solution is to to implement your own subclass of
*TABLE-DIALOG-ITEM*.  The new subclass would be just like
*SEQUENCE-DIALOG-ITEM*, except it wouldn't force redraws as often.
This actually isn't that much work.  There are only a few functions
defined specifically on *SEQUENCE-DIALOG-ITEM* (you can see them
by inspecting the class).