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Information Overload on info-macl

Lately I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages posted to
this mailing list.  I have two suggestions that I think people should
follow in order to to keep the volume reasonable:

1.  Discussion of issues not specific to MCL should take place in more
appropriate forums.  For example, there are two newsgroups,
comp.lang.lisp and comp.lang.clos, devoted to to general lisp and CLOS
issues respectively.  The recent flood of postings about lisp macros
should have taken place in comp.lang.lisp, not info-macl.

2.  People wishing to unsubscribe themselves from info-macl should
send their requests to "info-macl-request@cambridge.apple.com" so that
the rest of the subscribers wouldn't have to read them.  This is
standard procedure for public mailing lists.

Thanks for hearing me out!


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