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Macros and GCs

It's a shame I was on vacation during such an active
discusion period (well, I suppose 10 days of Florida sunshine
can make up for that...).

A small point about macros:

I think that generally, macros should not implement any code.
They should only implement nice syntax.

Common Lisp is a good teacher in this respect:

You have the OPEN function which implements the full functionality
and you have the WITH-OPEN-FILE which simplifies the task of
using this functionality.

If you always think this way it will probably simplifies the coding
of your macros and you will always have the full functionality
available when you need a function (i.e. MAPCAR).

About GCs:

I would like to support the proposition to include in MCL 2.0
some sort of mecanism to do the GCs during idle time (thats a great
advantage of the event driven Mac philosophy).

Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.