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Re: dialog items we all need

Here is my point of view regarding your questions:
    If there was to be a *draggable-dialog-item* (like an icon in Finder), and
    a *stuffable-dialog-item* (i.e. one that could light up like a folder in
    Finder and ingest instances of *draggable-dialog-item*), what behavior
    would everyone like?
    Specific questions I have:
    How often is it that you want to be able to compute the gray region to be
    dragged rather than using a gray rectangle matching the dialog-items
    position and size?
It's a plus, and if it's not too heavy, I'd use it every time (I'm not
sure I understood your question).  How fast is the stuff going to be if
one drags several objects?
    Should there be a sound to accompany the dropping of one object on another?
Not always (make it optional?)
    Should multiple things be allowed to be dragged?
Yes, I think it would be useful.
    How should consistency be enforced (if at all) in terms of being able to
    drag different types of objects together?
Maybe by specifying the types of objects (classes) that can be dragged
at a particular time.
    Should a *draggable-dialog-item* still be clickable?  
    Would you ever need to drop something on itself?
In my case, this wouldn't be useful.
Hope this helps.
Vincent Keunen
PS: When I said "Maybe you should say what you could contribute", I was
pointing to the net, not you specifically, Richard.  You did it, and
it's well.  I just hope I didn't seem too demanding.  In french, there
is "Vous" and "Tu" which are both translated to "You"...  Sorry.