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Foreign Function Interface


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I am using Allegro Common Lisp (Version 1.3.2) and would like to interface with
a program written in C.  This particular program consists of over a hundred
functions spread throughout about 40 files.  I was able to use the Foreign
Function Interface with the examples provided, and with some small C routines
I wrote myself, but when I try to interface with the large C program I got
the following error during the FF-LOAD command :

>Continuable Error: Offset #x-BA20 too large to fit in a word
>While executing: CCL::ADD-REF
>If Continued: Truncate to fit

I have not been able to figure out this message.  If I continue, I merely
get a succession of similar messages, although the following messages

>While executing: "Unknown".

If I comment out the function call in the C source that the FF-LOAD
may be bombing on, it bombs on another function.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could comment on this problem,
I'd rather not have to rewrite all that C code!!

Thank you very much.

Tara Cox
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Human Genetics