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Re: AppleShare

In response to your letter received Tue, Mar 19, 1991

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Where I work we are using AppleShare to share files
over the network. Everything works fine except for MACL
(very frustrating).

If I open a file over AppleShare from MACL 1.3.2 everything
is ok but when I try to save my changes, I get the following

> Error: Error #-5000
> While executing: BUFFER-WRITE-FILE

Any idea?
Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

We have had a number of similar problems here at 3M with Lisp. 

I don't know exactly what your configuration is and that makes a difference. 
We were using a Sun as a file server through a Gator Box (previously) and using
Wollangong's Pathway NFS software (currently).  One problem occurred because
Lisp expects to see a resource fork on the file.  Both of the systems described
above separately encode resource forks for files that have them and do nothing
for files that do not have them. If you open a file that does not have a
resource fork in a Fred window everything is ok until you try to write it back.
 Then you get an error because Lisp trys to find one for some reason.  You can
correct the problem by creating an empty resource fork on the server side for
the file.  This can be done, for example, by logging in to the server (via unix
console or telnet), duplicating some resource fork, and renaming it according
to the standards of Gator/Pathway whichever you are using.  Then Lisp seems to
be satisfied.

You may encounter other problems as well.  Both server systems have problems
with certain variations of getCatInfo calls that can cause trouble in Lisp and
some other applications as well.  I know that Apple has changed some things
that they are doing in lisp to avoid these problems (but in 2.0 only I think --
any comments from Apple?).