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Object LISP simulator

   Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 13:36:26 EST
   From: Mark.Perlin@CAD.CS.CMU.EDU

   We need an Object LISP simulator to make a (very) large amount of our MACL
   1.3.2 code portable to other Common LISPs.  Speed is not the issue here, but
   bugfree correctness is.  I had heard that Apple has a version.  

   Any and all pointers would be useful.  Thank you. - Mark

I looked at the old portable Object Lisp code.  It was written
many years ago, and designed to be "portable" between the three
types of Lisp machines: Symbolics, LMI, and TI.  It was also for
a very different dialect of Object Lisp.  Summary:  it would almost
certainly be easier to start from scratch.

On the up side, Object Lisp is a very simple language.  I don't
think it would be very hard to implement it.  The only tricky
part is figuring out how to turn [some] free references into
object variable references.  The simplest thing would be to require
the use of something like WITH-SLOTS.