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Re: garbage collection

>	>I corrected the problem by using resedit on the MCL 2.0 application itself.
>	>Edit the LSIZ resource (there's only one) and change both the "Initial Mac
>	>Heap Min Size" and the "Initial Mac Heap Max Size".  In my case I found
>	>that I needed to quadruple them to 102400 and 409600 respectively.
>	>Hope this helps.    Paul Krueger (plkrueger@3m.com)
>	Don't suppose you'd know how to do this on 1.3.2?
>	There are two resources of type SIZE (or something like that), but none of
>	Neither of them seem to have anything about "Initial Mac Heap Min/Max
>	Size", but then I may have just been looking at them wrong.  :-)

Does anyone out there know how to set (and keep) the MAC Heap larger in

One person suggested that I do a (_NewPtr ) and then dispose of it.  I did
that and my source code files were munged.  (Now I'm not 100% sure these
two events are related, but it happend that way on both my and my partner's
machines and hasn't happend since I took that code out and never happened

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu