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Re: Memory status information in MCL2

	I need to know when free memory is getting scarce so that my
	(in-progress) object system can do GC and paging. Are there variables
	we can check to find out such information? Ideally I'd like
	programmatic access to all the information room has access to.
	(In 1.3.2 we tried "riding along" with the GC function but it wasn't
	directly called by 1.3.2's internal functions so our code never ran.
	I found %freebytes and %freepages but I don't understand neither what
	they indicate nor when they are updated.)

	Matthew Cornell
	Knowledge Communication Systems Group

You can do something like the following to get (room) data into
a string although you will need to parse the string yourself.

(defun room-string ()
	(let ((*standard-output* (make-string-output-stream)))
 	   (room t)
  	  (get-output-stream-string *standard-output*)))

Paul Krueger (plkrueger@3m.com)