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Re: Slow graphics

>Hello again,
>We're running a big program with a graphic interface. On startup,
>things run smoothly (the bulk of the program was ported from 
>a Xerox machine running interlisp, and everyone is amazed at the
>speedup under MACL). However after a while things begin to slow
>down. Soon they get r-e-a-l-l-y slow, though all that's happening
>is that graphic routines are getting called. It can happen that
>the program gets stuck in the GC, with no chance of getting out.
>First of all, I'd like to know whether it is reasonable to suppose
>that we're running out of heap space? Our program was generating
>volumes of bitmaps on the fly, but after taking care of this by either
>reusing the bitmaps or explicitly disposing of them, I still don't see
>much of a speedup.
 Why don't you trying watching the mac heap explicitly via (room T) ?
This will reveal whether you are running out of heap space across 
  Are you doing any recursive obfuns? That can be considerably more
expensive then recursion based on normal defuns (at least according
to the experience of a co-worker).