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Need help on the scriolling problem

   From: Luke Hohmann <hohmann@csmil.umich.edu>
   Date: Wed, 10 Apr 91 16:40:53 -0400

   (defobfun (window-click-event-handler *soda-text-window*) (where)
     (declare (object-variable readln-start-position readln-stop-position))
     (cond ((do ((the-cntrl (rref wptr window.controllist)
			    (rref the-cntrl control.nextcontrol)))
		((or (null the-cntrl)
		       ((rect (rref the-cntrl control.rect :storage :pointer)))
		       (point-in-rect-p rect where)))
	    (usual-window-click-event-handler where))))

I don't have time to work out the details, but your code might
be helped by the trap FindControl.  You also might want to
use a with-port.