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Educational pricing for MCL

>A while back, someone asked about educational pricing for MACL. I know
>universities can buy site licences, but this isn't suitable for everyone
>(e.g., only a small group needs MACL).
>Was there an answer to this question? I don't remember seeing one (though
>some of my mail has been lost).
As Lee says, I responded saying, "I am hopeful that we will be able to offer
student prices eventually, but I'm sure it will be several months at least
before that happens (if ever)."  I do believe that student prices is a good
idea, but I can't promise that I can make it happen and even if I can, it will
take a while.
Lee was also correct that a site license may be appropriate; a site license can
be economical for an educational institution with as few as six Macintosh
Common Lisp users.  For more information on site licenses, contact Cynthia
Yamagata in Apple's Software Licensing group at YAMAGATA.C@AppleLink.Apple.COM.
--Harvey Alcabes
  Lisp Project Manager