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Re: Educational pricing for MCL

   It seems ironic to me that Apple discounts its hardware so steeply
for students while similar discounts for software are non-existent.
Supposedly, the theory behind the hardware discounts is that students
will get hooked on Macs (for good reason) and potentially influence
purchasing decisions of their employers upon graduation.  Let me know
if I'm missing the point here, but I don't see why this thinking
doesn't cross the analogical bridge to software sales.  Sure, MCL, as
well as other Apple software products are first-rate, but students
simply cannot be expected to shell out $500 for the original copy of
MCL, and then hundreds more for updates.

   I agree fully with Lee Spector on his contention that a $100 update
charge would attract more revenue for Apple in the near term, not to
mention the long term benefits to Apple by creating a large cadre of
Macintosh/MCL users in the workplace.

   ...Bill Andersen (waander@cs.umd.edu)