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dictionary lookup

To pberck@kub.nl (Peter Berck)

I might have something that could help you, but would need to know
more about your application.  You can call me at (508)671-0435
or e-mail to william.woods@east.sun.com.  I tried simply replying to your
e-mail handle pberck@kub.nl and my mailer wouldn't handle it.  Are you
at Apple or where?

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 From info-mcl-request@cambridge.apple.com Tue Apr  9 04:54:06 1991
 From: pberck@kub.nl (Peter Berck)
 To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
 Subject: Lisp & C and large dictionaries
 Cc: pberck@kub.nl

Has anyone ever implemented a large dictionary lookup in Lisp on the Mac?
I need to access a large dictionary from Lisp, and was wondering what the
easiest way would be. Is it easy to implement the lookup/indexing in, for
example C, and use the foreign-function-interface? Can I do random-access
files easily from allegro?
Any hints (or shareware code :) ) would be appreciated


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