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	Hello from Singapore.
	My colleague (sp?) works extensively on MCL and recently encountered
	a Maximum Files Open error. Well I have heard about the number of files
	that can remain open at any one time, I have not really messed with it.
	Can anyone point me to a solution to increase the number of files
	that can be opened at any time and also explain why this limit
	is necessary and how I can generally avoid or increase it, not just
	on MCL but any program?
	Please email to isstth@nusvm and I will summarize. Thanks.

I consulted a local Mac wiz who described the process for me as follows:
1.	 You need to use FEDIT to edit the boot blocks on your startup disk.
2.   Start FEDIT and open volume on the hard disk
3.	 Under the File menu select "Edit Boot Blocks"
4.   You will see a dialog that lets you change the max open files
5.   Click the update button on the dialog
6.   Now you need to write out the boot block sector --
      DO NOT select the "write boot blocks" menu item, this will
      write out a standard boot block from a resource stored with
      Instead, make FEDIT think you have modified sector 0 by
      modifying any character to itself.
7.   Then choose the "Write Sector" menu item to write out the
      sector (and the new boot blocks) and you are done.

I hope this helps.   
Paul Krueger (plkrueger@3m.com)
 (moving soon to Cray so this address is only valid to 5/30/91)