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Re: MCL2.0b1p2 thoughts

	Friends (& MCL team),
	I have now been playing with and even working with MCL 2.0b1 (and p2) for a
	little while, and I would beg to start sending some suggestions as to little
	improvements (in my eyes) which you might like to think about for 2.0 final (if
	you have not already got them scheduled).
	The two areas which I would first address are:
	1.  Listener window size & location - this seems immutable, even when saving an
	image the listener still pops up in the standard position.  However, would it
	not be nicer to (a) set the Listener window size and position relative to the
	screen size, (b) enable it to be set in the init.lisp file, and (c) save it in
	an image?  If there are means of doing any of these already, please forgive me,
	but I cannot find them in the documentation!

	Regards, Howard.
Setq'ing the variables *listener-window-size* and
*listener-window-position* in init.lisp using values calculated from
*screen-height* and *screen-position* seems to work fine in MCL 2.0a5p7.

Cris Johnson 
Price Waterhouse Technology Centre 
Manlo Park, CA