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Re: MCL2.0b1p2 thoughts

   Date: Mon, 13 May 91 09:29:01 PDT
   From: cdj@tc.pw.com (Cris Johnson)
   To: BUG-MCL@cambridge.apple.com, UK0392@applelink.apple.com
   Subject: Re:  MCL2.0b1p2 thoughts
   Cc: INFO-MCL@cambridge.apple.com

   Setq'ing the variables *listener-window-size* and
   *listener-window-position* in init.lisp using values calculated from
   *screen-height* and *screen-position* seems to work fine in MCL 2.0a5p7.
   Cris Johnson 
   Price Waterhouse Technology Centre 
   Manlo Park, CA

Here's what I use in my init file.  It makes the listener be flush
with the bottom of the screen, about 1/3 of the screen high, and just
far enough from the right hand side of the screen to see the "Trash"
icon on the desktop.  (note: some of the symbols may not be exported
from the CCL package):


(defmethod view-default-size ((w listener))
  (make-point (point-h *listener-window-size*)
              (- (floor *screen-height* 3) 3)))

(defmethod view-default-position ((w listener))
  (let ((size (view-default-size w)))
    (make-point (max 1 (- *screen-width* (point-h size) 60))
                (- *screen-height* (point-v size) 3))))

(defun rl () 
  (let ((l *top-listener*))
    (when l
      (set-view-position l (view-default-position l))
      (set-view-size l (view-default-size l)))))