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trace bug

    Date: Tue, 14 May 1991 12:44 EDT
    From: lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Richard Lynch)

    I'm trying to trace a function that takes an argument that looks like this:
    (<structure-1> (<structure-2> . <integer>)

    At some point in the tracing (cdr <integer>) is called with expectable

You don't say what version you're running, but I've had the
same problem in 1.3.2.  I don't think it is specific to
TRACE.  When I noticed that *PRINT-LEVEL* and *PRINT-LENGTH*
didn't seem to act as I expected I tried to reproduce the
table on page 373 of CLtL-Classic and ran into the error you
report.  (And *PRINT-LEVEL* and *PRINT-LENGTH* don't seem to
do the right thing, but I was waiting to test it in 2.0b
before reporting it.)