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initial probs with MCL 2.0b1p2

I just got MCL 2.0b1 and I'm having a couple of problems; I'd appreciate
any advice people can offer. I've applied the patches, so I'm running
MCL 2.0b1p2.  I also did (reindex-interfaces) after applying the types

Disclaimer:  I haven't read the entire manual (or all of the source
code!) yet, but I have looked for info on these issues.  Please pardon 
any glaring naivete. Since a lot of people are probably upgrading
about now, I figured I wouldn't be reticent with my questions.

 - I can't seem to get restart-case or restart-bind to work.  The condition
system is new to me, but CLtL2 p. 877 says:
 "As a trivial example, one could write:
(restart-case (invoke-restart 'foo 3)
    (foo (x) (+ x 1)))
to add 3 to 1, returning 4."

When I try this I get:
? (restart-case (invoke-restart 'foo 3)
    (foo (x) (+ x 1)))
;Compiler warnings :
;   Undeclared free variable CCL::$V_ISTRUCT, in an anonymous lambda form.
> Error: Unbound variable: CCL::$V_ISTRUCT
> While executing: #<Anonymous Function #x42E03E>
> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
> If continued: Retry getting the value of CCL::$V_ISTRUCT.
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
1 > 

Something similar happens when I try to use restart-bind.  Have I failed
to require some library module?  Is the condition system just not complete?
(I mean, beyond the error classification incompleteness mentioned in
the release notes.)

 - There seem to be two different patches for 
(defmethod view-draw-contents ((item scroll-bar-dialog-item)) ...),
one in grow-icon-source-patch.lisp and one in scroll-bar-dlg-items-patch.lisp.
I didn't see an indication of which takes priority; or am I missing something

 - Documentation and arglists seem to be lacking on many symbols, for 
example defclass. Is it just incomplete, or is this stuff just hidden?
I do (setq *save-doc-strings* t) (setq *save-local-symbols* t), and
(setq *fasl-save-local-symbols* t) in my init.Lisp, so documentation etc.
works for my own stuff...

 - I haven't found a good way to get to documentation from the inspector or
from apropos.  The popup menu in inspector windows is nice, but how do I 
attach the functions to it?  (I've poked around in inspector-window.lisp, 
and it looks easy to do, but I'd appreciate some advice or an example.)

Thanks!  -Lee (spector@cs.umd.edu)