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Re: MACL fonts under foreign s

   From: nicktrou@rodan.acs.syr.edu (Nikos B. Troullinos)
   Subject: MACL fonts under foreign systems
   To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
   Cc: nicktrou@rodan.acs.syr.edu
   MACL 1.3.2 when run under a non-US operating system seems to insist that a
   required font is called the same name as in the US system (e.g. Chicago,
   Monaco) instead of just using the font with the same ID (and there is always
   one available for the basic fonts Chicago, Geneva, Monaco).
Interesting to read another viewpoint on this problem.  Someone else has
complained that Fred saves ID's to describe font changes in its files.  He
would prefer that it save names so that his unregistered fonts will work.
   Is there a way a nice way around this problem?  My specific experiences
   are with the Greek version of System 6.0.7.
Lisp stores font names in three global variables and in the MPSR resource
in the source files with which it is distributed.  Fixing the MPSR
resources requires writing some code that knows their format (it's there
inside of MACL, but very hard to get at) or making the change by hand on
each file and saving it.  Making the changes to the global variables is
very easy.  Here are the default settings:
(defparameter *listener-default-font-spec* '("monaco" 9 :plain))
(defparameter *fred-default-font-spec* '("monaco" 9 :plain))
(defparameter *mini-buffer-font-spec* '("monaco" 9 :plain))
I think that these symbols are all exported.  If not, try
Bill St. Clair