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Re: MACL fonts under foreign s

>   From: nicktrou@rodan.acs.syr.edu (Nikos B. Troullinos)
>   Subject: MACL fonts under foreign systems
>   To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
>   Cc: nicktrou@rodan.acs.syr.edu
>   MACL 1.3.2 when run under a non-US operating system seems to insist that a
>   required font is called the same name as in the US system (e.g. Chicago,
>   Monaco) instead of just using the font with the same ID (and there is always
>   one available for the basic fonts Chicago, Geneva, Monaco).
>Interesting to read another viewpoint on this problem.  Someone else has
>complained that Fred saves ID's to describe font changes in its files.  He
>would prefer that it save names so that his unregistered fonts will work.

Take it up with Developer Tech Support...the following is an excerpt from
Tech Note 191, "Font Names", 1 Aug 1988:

"The Font Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh Volume IV claims that font
family numbers 0 through 127 are reserved for use by Apple, and numbers 128
through 255 are assigned by Apple for fonts created by software developers.
This is no longer true. Developer Technical Support does not assign font
family numbers. You should only use font numbers to reference the system
font (font 0) and application default font (font 1). All other fonts should
be identified by name. The Font/DA Mover will renumber a font when moving
it into a file containing a conflicting font family."

They go on to emphasize that documents should remember fonts by name, not
by ID.

- W