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Re: MACL fonts under foreign systems

> MACL 1.3.2 when run under a non-US operating system seems to insist that a
> required font is called the same name as in the US system (e.g. Chicago,
> Monaco) instead of just using the font with the same ID (and there is always
> one available for the basic fonts Chicago, Geneva, Monaco).
> Is there a way a nice way around this problem?  My specific experiences
> are with the Greek version of System 6.0.7.
> -Nikos Troullinos
> nicktrou@cat.syr.edu

I am using Japanese (Kanji) version of System.
I can't change window font to Kanji font in MACL 1.3.2, even if I 
change *fred-default-font-spec* settings.

Maybe MACL 1.3.2 sets grafport fonts in wrong manner.

But the problem seems to be fixed in MCL2.0b1.
And I can use Kanji codes (2byte codes) perfectly with some deamon
methods to fred-window.

I am not sure I could understand your problem correctly.
But I think you had better obtain a copy of MCL2.0b1

I am currently using MCL2.0b1p2 with the Japanese (Kanji) version of 
System 6.0.7.

Katsunobu Imai
Department of Biophysical Engineering
Osaka University