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Re: Lisp b1 installation

> Hi guys,
> I tried to install the MCL-b1 version on a Mac Classic with
> 4 MB of RAM. Installing under multifinder, the installation freezes
> the screen after copying the disk#3. Under Finder, an "Address Error"
> occurs. Is it a problem with Memory ?
>  To complete the installation I had to copy myself the disks 3 to 6
> into the hard disk. MCL seemed to run fine ( a bit slow when looking
> for help definition but...). Is it a problem to install it this way ?
> Thanks in advance for a reply.
> 	Bruno .

Hello Bruno -

Yes, the installation process doesn't work on some types of Macintosh. A new
(manual) installation guide is currently being prepared and I'll send it out
electronically as soon as it's ready. Meanwhile, copying the files onto your
hard disk should work just fine. For your reference, this is what the file
hierarchy should look like once you've installed MCL 2.01b.

	MCL 2.0b1 folder (9 items)
		Examples folder (23 items)
			22 files in Examples
			FF Examples folder (4 items)
				4 files in FF Examples
		Interface Tools folder (9 items)
			9 files in Interface Tools
		Library folder (24 items)
			22 files in Library
			Inspector Folder (6 items)
				6 files in Inspector Folder
			Interfaces folder (97 items)
				95 files in Interfaces
				Index folder (4 items)
					4 files in Index
				Late Breaking Interfaces folder (4 items)
					4 files in Late Breaking Interfaces
		MCL 2.0b1 application
		MCL 2.0b1.image
		MCL Help
		MCL Help Map.Fasl
		Series folder (3 items)
			3 files in Series
		XP folder (3 items)
			3 files in XP

The bug is related to the copy-file function, which is not used internally
by MCL 2.0b1. So long as you don't call this function explicitly, you should
have no problems once you're past the installation process.

Sorry for the inconvenience-