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MCL and MIDI Manager?

We are working on a composition tools environment in MCL (2.0) and would
like to make our application MIDI Manager compatible.  We bought a copy
of the MIDI Manager, but it lists only trap names, not their location in
the Trap table.  We assume we need the location Hex numbers to add these
calls to the "traps" file in MCL.  Is this true, or is there another way
to acces the MIDI Manager functions and procedures from MCL?
If not, do you have or know of where we could get a list of the MIDI
Manager trap locations?

We have just asked to subscribe to the info-MCL bulletin board, but
since we're really pressed for time, would it be possible for you to
respond to us directly?  We would be very grateful.

either djskrien@colby.edu  or  jfhallst@colby.edu