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1.3.2 and system 7.0

Hi guys,

Just got back from vacation and have several hundred email messages to sort
through :-). So, sorry if a cursory examination has missed this discussion:

Despite the 7.0 compat checker saying that 1.3.2 is "mostly compatible" with
system 7.0, I can't get it to run. It bombs immediately with error -198 :
missing resource. I double checked for a corrupt image, but no, it boots
fine under 6.0.7

So is there a patch? My cash-flow is such that I can't float an upgrade to
2.0 beta right now (though I do believe it will be a worthwhile investment).

 Brad Miller		U. Rochester Comp Sci Dept.
 miller@cs.rochester.edu {...allegra!rochester!miller}