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MCL2.0b1 & MIDI

We are using MCL 2.0b1 and the MIDI Manager 2.0.  If anyone could help
us with the following two questions, we would appreciate it.
We are rather new at the game.

1.  In the MIDI.lisp Interface file, there is no trap call for the
    sndDispVersion function.  Instead, the deftrap has the comment that
    snddispversion is not in ROM.  How do we go about calling

2.  The MIDI Manager documentation is somewhat confusing about the
    use of readhooks, especially as it would apply when working in
    MCL 2.0b1.  Does anyone have a simple example they could send us,
    for example, a readhook function that just takes a midi packet
    in the buffer of an input port and prints out the record with

Thanks.  Dale Skrien djskrien@colby.edu
	 Jon Hallstrom jfhallst@colby.edu