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MCL 2.0b1 (pathname-directory ...) bug?

(pathname-directory ...) doesn't return a pathname.
It returns a list structure (call it a pathlist) that starts with a keyword
and has subsequent strings or pathlists.  The keyword is either :absolute
or <some-keyword-I-forgot-that-indicates-a-logical-pathname>.  The strings
are what one would expect to be concatenated with ":" in between to make a

I don't have a manual yet (site licensing is so fun), but a quick
read-through of our manual gave me nothing even remotely looking like this.
 Did I miss something or is this a bug?

I'd be happy to hear of an unexported function (I looked, but couldn't
find) that would parse one of these puppies into a pathname.  If all else
fails, guess I'll have to write some code to do this myself.

;;;;Yellow Pages
;;;;) MCMXC Northwestern University Institute for the Learning Sciences
;;;;Richard Lynch

;This let will add the path of this window to *module-search-path* so that
;in the same folder will be found when a require is done.
(let ((win (front-window :class 'fred-window)))
  (when win
    (pushnew (pathname-directory (window-filename win))
             :test #'equalp
) ) )


((:ABSOLUTE "PL100 Turbo*" "MCL 2.0" "Yellow Pages") #P"CCL;"


"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu