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listener position

                          listener position                 5/30/91    10:09 AM
                          OK , I give up. The following is code from my
                          init.lisp. My intent is to change the size of the
                          lisp-listener and reposition it lower on the screen.
                          I also set the default size & position of any new
                          fred windows to set just ontop of the lisp-listener. 
                          However the variable *top-listener* value is nil
                          during thte loading of the init.lisp. When is
                          *top-listener* bound to the initial lisp listener? 
                          Also why doesn't the setting of the
                          *listener-window-position* set the listener to that
                          spot? What happens is the listener is set to the
                          correct size but appears just under the menu-bar  not
                          down at point (2 322).
                          (setq *window-default-position* (make-point 2
                          (setq *window-default-size* #@(620 280))
                          (setq *listener-window-position* #@(2 322))
                          (setq *listener-window-size* #@(620 190))
                          (set-view-position *top-listener* #@(2 322))
                          Any help would be nice.
                           confussed in St. Louis