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MCL1.3.2 and heap size

   Date: Fri, 31 May 91 13:23:53 CDT
   From: lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu (Richard Lynch)

   >   Date: 31 May 91 16:06:00 GMT
   >   From: Ranson <ranson@lannion.cnet.fr>
   >   Is there a way to set the application heap size for v1.3.2? I know people who
   >   use large pictures, and feel like they live in the middle of a mine field. The
   >   manual for 2.0 gives a nice hint (increase the heap size), but the resource
   >   mentionned (LSIZ?) does not exist for 1.3.2.
   >The only way to do this is through brute force:  Allocate a very large
   >MacPointer (large enough to force your Mac heap to grow), and then
   >dispose of it.  The initial allocation will take a little while,
   >but after that you should be OK.

   But then, is that space not reclaimed if a GC occurs and it's not being
   used?  Or can the Mac heap only increase in size?

I believe it is only reclaimed if the Lisp does a GC and still does not
have enough memory for the pending allocation request.  That is, it will
only be reclaimed if it absolutely has to.