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Bugs found in MCL 2.0b1p2

I have found the following bugs/omissions in MCL 2.0b1p2:

- TRACE won't accept a setf method.

In addition, I think I've found a bug which exhibits itself in the
following manner:

Initial conditions:
 - There is a constant definition of the following form:
	(defconstant *xxx* '(nil))
 - This constant is inserted into list structures, and used as a tag
to indicate that the data following it has certain characteristics.

 (after some processing) while traversing one of the list structures
into which this value was inserted, the "(nil)" part of the list
structure fails to be EQ to the (defined) constant (identifier).

The problem is completely reproducable within the (quite large)
application where I encountered it, but I have been unable to
reproduce the problem with any simpler code.

I have been able to work around the problem by changing the definition
to the following form:
	(defconstant *xxx* '*xxx*)

Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem?

I am in the process of collecting all the code (Matt Ginsberg's MVL
system), along with the patches I've had to make to get it running
under MCL 2.0b, and I will send it all to Cambridge if necessary.

George Williams
Boeing Computer Services   Internet: george@hsvaic.boeing.com
POBox 240002, M/S JY-58    UUCP: ...!uw-beaver!bcsaic!hsvaic!george
Huntsville AL 35824-6402   Phone: 205+464-4968 FAX: 205+464-4930