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View-size peculiarities

I was trying to duplicate the old  InterLisp WHICHW function and ran into a
couple of problems.  Apparently the value returned by the view-size method is
different from the value that is returned by calling slot-value on the
view-size slot of a window object.  Is the slot value not getting updated for
some reason?

The WHICHW function is quite useful, incidentally, as a convenient means of
referencing windows on the screen.  It returns the window object of the
window currently under the cursor. For example, pointing to a window and then
evaluting the expression 
	(window-close (whichw))
is an easy way of getting rid of a window that has no close box.

It can be implemented as follows:

(defun whichw ()
  (find-if #'mouse-in-window-p
           (windows :include-invisibles nil)))

(defun mouse-in-window-p (window)
  (let ((mouse-coord (view-mouse-position window))
        (window-dim (view-size window)))
    (and (>= (point-v mouse-coord) 0)
         (>= (point-h mouse-coord) 0)
         (<= (point-h mouse-coord)
             (point-h window-dim))
         (<= (point-h mouse-coord)
             (point-v window-dim)))))

This seems to work just fine, unless the cursor happens to be in the title
bar of the window.  Apparently, the title bar isn't factored into value
returned by view-mouse-position?