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3 questions

1. I have a small subview, S, in a window, W. (view-font W) is :plain
and (view-font S) is :bold. The view-draw-contents of S simply calls
the _DrawString trap. It comes out in :plain (the window's font
instead of the subview's font). What can I do aside from switching
the window's font to be the subview's font before the _DrawString.
This would be unacceptable; what is the point of having view-font
instead of window-font?

2. I have some code which displays information about the object
system. I does not (I think) ever actually define or redefine any
built in classes or their slots. However, after running my code, many
classes' direct-subclasses slots are changed! Classes have fewer classes
in their direct-subclasses slot. Is this a system bug? Has it been

3. What are the arguments for edit-definition? Can I bypass the dialog
which asks which definition by supplying arguments to specify the

Please respond via email to pasik@cs.columbia.edu