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mailing list -> UseNet newsgroup

    Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1991 15:08 EDT
    From: meehan@Pa.dec.com (Jim Meehan)

    For the benefit of those of you on the mailing list who haven't heard
    about this yet, I'm proposing that there be a UseNet newsgroup named
    comp.lang.lisp.mcl to replace the info-mcl mailing list. [...]

    If you don't have access to UseNet, I believe there are still ways
    for you to see the newsgroup messages, but I'm no expert in this area;
    perhaps someone who is would like to explain how that would work.

I have no objection to starting the newsgroup, but for the
benefit of those people who don't have access to news (me
included) I think you should arrange a gateway between the
mailing list and the newsgroup.  I know there is software
that can do this, but I don't have any details about it...
Perhaps Apple Cambridge would be willing to provide this

How many people don't have access to news?  If it's only a
small number then maybe there's no need to gateway the
newsgroup to the mailing list.

How 'bout a quick survey:  Could people who DON'T have
access to news please reply to me (cgay@alderaan.scrc.symbolics.com).
DO NOT reply to the list!  I'll summarize the results.