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News Group

Hello, I have a small problem with the mailing list been
converted to a news group: presently a read my mail using a
free software named EUDORA (from university of Illinois, the
same place that makes NCSA Telnet). Using EUDORA you can manage
your mail entirely on your Macintosh and it is a zillion's time
easier to do than with something like mailx on Unix. Do you
know if there's a similar software for reading news. One thing
that could be done is to promote the usage of EUDORA (it is so
easy to manage your mail with it that the volume of info from
MCL is no problem...).

One other thing that would be good is if you could explain
the workings of reading the news for people like me who dont
know anything about them.


Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
Bureau: (514) 987-4290
E-Mail: cartier@math.uqam.ca