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catching activate/deactivate events on fred-windows!

Help!  I just discovered a major problem with 1.3.2.  It's not a bug, but
a missing feature!  In 1.2.2 fred-windows responded to 
'window-deactivate-event-handler.  That function no longer exists.  To 
make matters worse, fred-windows do not respond to 
'view-deactivate-event-handler.  Sigh.  I really do think that MACL 1.3.2
is a *much* better product, but trying to regain the functionality that
was taken away has really been tough.

  Can anyone help?  How can I tell when a fred-window was deactivated
  or activated?  Am I using view-activate-event-handler incorrectly?

  (Another killer example of lost functionality is
   'window-control-click-event-handler.  I had written a TON of code that
   uses this function... I am still trying to get things to work
   correctly without it.)

  -- Luke