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Reading News

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From: lubell on Mon, Jun 10, 1991 8:11 AM
Subject: Reading News
To: info-mcl

Regarding Guillaume Cartier's question about a publicly available program for
reading net news, I use something called "TheNews" which works on a Macintosh. 
It came as part of the archive when I downloaded NCSA Telnet.  Although I don't
remember where I downloaded it from, I have the email address for inquiries
about NCSA Telnet.  It is "softdev@ncsa.uiuc.edu".

Hope this is helpful.  By the way, my preference is that the info-mcl mailing
list become a newsgroup.  Perhaps we can do what the Portable Commonloops
mailing list did when it became the "comp.lang.clos" newsgroup.  I believe that
they worked it so that people without access to news could still read and post
articles as if it were a mailing list.  Does anyone know more about this?