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Re: MACL2.0b deftraps commented as "Not in ROM" - how to access?

   Date: Mon, 10 Jun 91 11:12:03 PDT
   From: cdj@tc.pw.com (Cris Johnson)
   To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
   Subject: MACL2.0b deftraps commented as "Not in ROM" - how to access?
   Some of the traps mentioned in the interface files included with MACL2.0
   are commented out with the remark "Not in ROM" and coded with a
   (:stack-trap #x0) specification.  Is there some officially blessed way
   to access these things?
   I have access to MPW3.1 and have found in the past that I could include
   LISP access to MPW functions via the foreign function interface and one
   or more of the object files included with MPW.  While I was happy to get
   the access I wanted, it seemed like I was doing a lot of groping in the
   dark with one object file causing others to be needed in ways I couldn't
   predict, and it seemed that I ended up loading far more things than I
   truely needed or wanted despite my best efforts at specifying options
   to the foreign function interface calls.  Is a procedure such as this
   implied by the "Not in ROM" comment?

Your "groping in the dark" is one of the reasons that we have not yet
provided access to the "Not in ROM" traps.  The two ways to define
them are by writing Lisp code to provide them (as in
"examples;mac-file-io.lisp") or by using the foreign function
interface to load the object files that would be used by a Pascal
program that references those traps.  We don't have the people-time to
do the former for more than a smattering of the traps.  We'll do the
latter for 2.0 final if we can make it work in time.

   Do I have to acquire MPW3.2 to get
   functions new to MAC-OS 2.0?  If so, are (deftrap ) and the foreign
   function interface related? - deftrap isn't documented.

I assume you mean 7.0, not 2.0.  I don't have a current APDAlog at my
fingertips, but in the Spring 1990 issue, the "MPW Toobox Interfaces
and Libraries:Macintosh Programmer's Workshop Toolbox Interfaces and
Libraries v. 3.1" product was for sale for $25.00.  It contained
interfaces and libraries for system software version 6.0.4.  I assume
that the more recent version of the same product contains system 7.0
interfaces and libraries at a similar price.  That failing, find a
developer friend who has the System 7.0 golden master CD, and get them
from there.  The only possible hitch is that MPW version 3.2 may be
required to use the new libraries.  The same old version of APDAlog
listed the MPW 3.1 update for $35.00.  The 3.2 update is probably
similarly priced.

You could certainly use DEFTRAP to generate FF-LOAD and FF-CALL forms,
though the only reason I can think of to do it that way would be if
you want to use the autoloading mechanism for the traps that you so
define.  DEFTRAP is (badly) documented in Chapter 9 of the MCL 2.0b1
documentation (p. 241 in my copy).