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Re: MACL compatibility with Allegro

> Date: Mon, 10 Jun 91 16:38:10 -0700
> To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
> I'm in a research group that is developing a design system in MACL.  Our
> group is developing the program on Macs, but would like to use it on other
> platforms. In particular, we'd like to create a graphic interface that can
> work on the Mac and Sparcs (using X Windows or Open Windows) with the same
> code.  Obviously calls to the Mac toolbox won't port, but is it possible to
> create portable code by using higher-level routines, such as views?

You should look into something called CLIM (Common Lisp user Interface
Manager) which is available from the Lisp vendors for Unix and from
ILA for MCL.  Try sending mail to the mailing list CLIM@BBN.COM.