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RE: Garnet on MCL ...

>>From: M J Sawar <sawar@cbl.leeds.ac.uk>
>>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 91 10:08:37 BST
>>To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
>>Subject: Re: MACL compatibility with Allegro
>>In-Reply-To: Mail from 'info-mcl-request@com.apple.cambridge Tue Jun 11 19:36:40 1991' dated Mon, 10 Jun 91 16:38:10 -0700
>>Cc: durney@cs.uoregon.edu, sawar@cbl.leeds.ac.uk
>>Have you taken a look at Garnet from Brad A. Myers group
>>at CMU. It is a  graphics interface toolkit developed in
>>LISP (X windows) on Suns and very soon to be ported on to Mac. 
>>Infact it was to be released in June or July.
>>	their email is : brad.myers@cs.cmu.edu
>>Univ. of Leeds

All on INFO-MACL (CC: Brad Meyers):

I just received the above posting today; I subscribe to the garnet
mailing list as well as info-macl, and got the message below from
the GARNET project. 

Basically, the MCL version has proven to be too much effort, and they
are postponing it indefinitely. 

Charlie S. Lindahl
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
University of Texas at Arlington
Internet EMAIL: lindahl@cse.uta.edu
Dear All:

Unfortunately, I have bad news.  We cannot seem to get a Macintosh version
of Garnet working with the people we have available.  After a year of
trying various approaches, it seems clear that an expert Macintosh Lisp
programmer is needed for this task, and we cannot afford to hire one or
train one.  Therefore, plans for a release of Garnet on the Macintosh have
to be indefinitely postponed.    :-(

Unless.... someone out there is interested in taking on this job.  We
would be happy to supply you with what we have so far, but we have
estimated that it will probably take about 3 man-months full time to
finish the job.  The Macintosh version runs rather slow, supports about
1/2 of the demos, and is full of bugs.  This might be a good undergraduate
or Master's thesis, for those of you at universities.  If you are
interested in performing the port, please let me know.

I am very sorry that we won't be able to create a Macintosh version.  It
seemed pretty easy when we started, but there are lots of problems.

Thank you for your interest in Garnet.

Brad A. Myers
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA  15213-3890
(412) 268-5150