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newsgroup vs. mailing list

In the discussion regarding the newsgroup vs. mailing-list
and the possibilities of gatewaying between the two, it should
be noted that the commonloops mailing list faced the same problem
a year or so ago. This resulted in the creation of a newsgroup
dealing with CLOS under the comp.lang umbrella.

This newsgroup is gatewayed automatically to the mailing list and
vice versa. The mechanism works well and provides the best of
either world to those who wish to operate in either environment.
There is NO reason to vote no on a newsgroup just because one
wishes to remain on a mailing list. Those on the mailing list
loose nothing, and yet gain from a wider audience responding
to questions, etc from the newsgroup.

Please don't vote no on a newsgroup just because you wish to
remain on the mailing list.

					Skip Egdorf