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X and Lisp on an FX

Question time, folks:

Has anyone out there ever used X (I understand there's a thing called Xmac or
somethig that makes your mac X-ish) and MCL 1.3.1 on an FX or any other Mac
platform?  If so, can you answer some basic questions for me:

- How much memory do you really need to work well... To hold X, and CLX, and
 System 7 and Lisp (not to mentiona hefty lisp application)?

- How much trouble is it to use MCL and CLX and X on a mac? Is this something
  that only a true madman or macwizard would attempt, or is it reasonably
  easy (i.e. none of our programmers are going to jump out the window after
  2 weeks)?

- How can I find out more about XMac or whatever it is called?

Any and all help would be enormously appreciated.  Thanks.

-John Leavitt
 Research Programmer
 Center for Machine Translation
 Carnegie-Mellon University

PS: Using X on the Mac wasn't my idea, so please don't flame me ;(