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MCL 2.0b1 Patch 3

A third patch to Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0b1 is now available. You may
anonymously ftp it from cambridge.apple.com. Logon to this host as
anonymous, then type anything for a password.

The file is:

        /pub/MCL2/patches/MCL 2.0b1 Patch 3.sit.hqx

You will need to:

	cd /pub/MCL2/patches
	get "MCL 2.0b1 Patch 3.sit.hqx"

This file is a BinHexed StuffIt archive of a folder. After ftping it to
your Macintosh, use StuffIt or UnStuffIt first to decode the BinHex, then 
to extract the patches folder from the archive file. This folder contains
Release Notes along with the patch file. Please note that you must apply
the first two patches to MCL 2.0b1 before applying the third.

Thanks for using our Lisp. Please let me know if you have any problems 
downloading or installing the patch.

Mark Preece