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grapher extensions desired

If anyone has extensions to Examples:grapher.lisp (for MCL 2.0b1p3)
I'd love to see them.  Some of the extensions I'd like most:

  - vertical mode (graph top to bottom, rather than left to right)
  - support for window-hardcopy
  - some way to cut and paste as draw-objects into a drawing application
    (I won't hold my breath for this one...)
  - an easy hook for handling clicks (view-click-event-handler is
    commented out - looks like pre-CLOS code...)
  - built-in cycle detection; a backwards reference could just be
    graphed as a specially marked (bold?) new node with no successors.
  - a higher-level interface for frequent applications so you don't
    always have to think about node objects. 
    Perhaps: (graph-tree tree) Example: (graph-tree '(a (b c (d) e)))
        and: (graph-atoms atoms links)
             Examples: (graph-atoms '(a b c d) '((a b)(b d)(a c)(c d)))
                       (graph-atoms '(a b) '((a b)(b a))) ;;cycle!

I find a good grapher to be a really useful general tool.  Wouldn't
it be nice to include a full-featured graphing package in MCL 2.0-final?
I think Xerox's Interlisp-D had a grapher with these sorts of features
built-in...  Anyway, I'd love to see hacks for any of this!

  Thanks!  -Lee (spector@cs.umd.edu)