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CLOS question

   Date: Mon, 24 Jun 91 15:10:23 +0300
   From: Ora Lassila <ora@hutcs.cs.hut.fi>
   Return-Receipt-To: ora@hutcs.cs.hut.fi

   The release note for the MCL 2.0b1 (page 8) states that the
   implementation is still incomplete but will be completed before the
   release. I was wondering whether Apple is going to support the CLOS
   metaobject protocol, that is, will DEFGENERIC, DEFCLASS etc. accept
   the :meta... keywords?

       Ora Lassila
       Laboratory of Information Processing Science,
       Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

I don't think so, because the the metaobject protocol is not part of
the standard. But, ya' never know...

	Darryn J Kozak

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