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RE: grapher extensions desired

> I find a good grapher to be a really useful general tool.  Wouldn't
> it be nice to include a full-featured graphing package in MCL 2.0-final?
> I think Xerox's Interlisp-D had a grapher with these sorts of features
> built-in...  Anyway, I'd love to see hacks for any of this!

I agree that a generalized graph editting program would be a very useful
thing to have in MCL.  The old Interlisp GRAPHER package was the basis many
useful applications like Ron Kaplan's grammar writer's workbench, the LOOPS
class inheritance browser, Ramano Rao's CLOS browser and the Generic Function
Browser that I was working on a few years ago.

Gabriel Robins at ISI was working on a portable graph tool based loosely on
GRAPHER.  I wonder if this could be adapted for the Mac?