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RE: grapher extensions desired

I have an object-oriented graphics package for MCL 1.3.2 that
contains tree-objects, attribute-value matrix objects, etc.
These know how to draw themselves onto views.  It's completely
object-oriented - so the label of a tree node can be any
object whatsoever, e.g. an attribute-value matrix, or even another tree.
The objects have click-handlers associated with them, so they
can be mouse-sensitive.

The system also has several different types of views; pict-views
are things that cache whatever is drawn on them as a pict, and
redraw that pict whenever needed, as well as putting a copy onto
the Scrap whenever a copy command is sent to the view.

This is part of the AV Parser - an attribute-value  or unification-based
parser for natural-language parsing.  It comes with
a full graphics interface.  The AV Parser also includes an LALR(1)
parser-generator (used to generate the grammar reader).

I can post the sources to anyone that's interested, or put them
up on a server somewhere (if someone will tell me how).

I haven't been able to get my hands on MCL 2.0 (things move
verrry slowly here in D'land), so I don't know how hard it would
be to port it to that.

Mark Johnson
Institut fuer maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung - Computerlinguistik
Universitaet Stuttgart
Keplerstrasse 17
D-7000 Stuttgart 1
West Germany.  (you need "West" otherwise mail from the US is not delivered!)
work phone: 0711 - 121 3132.

On leave until mid July 1991 from:
	Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Box 1978
	Brown University
	Providence, RI 02912

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