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I've set the BackPixPat of a view to a pattern within its
initialize-instance method, but only the areas within a dialog-item's
view-corners are using this PixPat.  The rest of the window remains white. 
I've tried covering and uncovering the white parts, to no effect.  If I
call (invalidate-view <relevant-view> t), the PixPat is used.  BUT, as soon
as a portion of the window is covered and uncovered, it reverts to white. 
I've tried calling BackPixPat before and after the call-next-method of
view-draw-contents, but this doesn't work either.  It would appear (pun
intended) that the PixPat is being ignored by the root view-draw-contents
Any assistance or patches would be appreciated.

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu