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sequence-dialog-item & editable-text-dialog-item

There appears to be a nasty interaction between sequence-dialog-items
and editable-text-dialog-items.

The following test function creates a window with a sequence-dialog-item
and an editable-text-dialog-item.  Trying to select disjoint choices
(command-click) from the sequence causes whatever choice you click to be
added to the editable text.  Single selection and contiguous selection
work fine, it's only disjoint selection that causes the error.

Kevin Gallagher

;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------

(in-package "CL-USER")

(defvar *test-sequence* (copy-list *features*))

(defun test ()
  (make-instance 'ccl:window
      :view-position '(:top 80)
      :view-size #@(370 200)
           (ccl:make-dialog-item 'ccl:sequence-dialog-item
              #@(20 20)
              #@(120 160)
              "Test Sequence"
              :table-sequence *test-sequence*
              :table-hscrollp nil
              :table-vscrollp t
              :selection-type :disjoint)
           (ccl:make-dialog-item 'ccl:editable-text-dialog-item
               #@(160 80)
               #@(190 16)
               :allow-returns nil
               :draw-outline t))))

;;; EOF.