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v 1.3.2 and sys7.0

there seems to be a crash-causing interaction
between stack-backtrace window and file-open dialog (or operation).

To duplicate this bug, simply:
1.  boot up MACL.
2.  once it is all booted, hit Command-, 
      (i.e., 'break'), and wait for stack backtrace window
      to come up.
3.  select Open from the File menu.

and... Whammo!  the MACL application "unexpectedly quits"
with an "error 25".  Happens every time I do this.

This happens with the "growzone" patch already installed
(i.e., copied into init.lisp).  I'm almost positive that it
also happens without that patch installed.

Does anyone know of a patch to 1.3.2 available for this?

Thank you,

scott walker